Greenhouse Irrigation System

Greenhouse Irrigation System

It consists of PE main distribution pipes, lateral pipes (drip or drip irrigation), lateral / main distribution pipe connections, emitters, spaghetti hoses, drip piles, inline electrovalves, breakers, pressure readers and end-of-line valves.


For the production greenhouse, the irrigation and fertigation center system is designed according to the need for Spaghetti drip irrigation system. EC - PH control from the fertigation unit selected according to the project values,

It should have the ability to control irrigation amount and irrigation time and irrigation sections and to work in accordance with automation.

Along with the fertigation unit, fertilizer and acid preparation tanks, tank mixers, filtration system (hydrocyclone, algae sand filter, disc filter or mesh filter combinations depending on the quality of the water) pumps, valves, flow meters and automation panels should be in the system.