Boom Irrigation System

Our Boom Irrigation System, which is completely our domestic production, serves you for many years in your nurseries.

  • The irrigation system moves on a double rail system throughout the greenhouse with the help of a reducer and a pulley rope.
  • The system consists of irrigation car, hose folding car, carrier steel rail system, reel rope system, electrical panel, motor, other hose, fittings and spray heads required for irrigation. Irrigation and Spraying heads are Italian branded products.
  • The carrier rail system used consists of galvanized special (50x50x1.5mm) and Aluminum T-section (50x50x2mm) profiles.
  • It is possible to change the height of the carrier rail system with adjustable hanger pipes.
  • The irrigation arms are adjustable in height from the ground.
  • The number of spray nozzles to be used is determined according to need and mounted to the irrigation arms with special joining parts.
  • It is possible to use heads with different spraying capacity according to need.
  • The movement speed of the system can be changed with the adjustable switch that can be added to the electrical panel.
  • The movement of the system is provided by a 380 V (0.55 kW) power reducer motor mounted at the rear.
  • All connection bolts used are 8.8 quality and nuts are fiber. Domestic and imported nozzles are determined according to your request.