Fogging System

Greenhouse Fogging System

Ideal microclimate in the greenhouse

The use of foggers for greenhouses allows maintaining the desired temperature and humidity. This type of equipment sprinkles water no 100 under pressure, with the help of special nozzles it is possible to obtain water particles of no more than 10 microns. Small particle sizes allow it to form in air, which provides the effect of fog formation.

Fogging agent installation and working principle

Fogger - Equipment used to spray water, supplied from a pipeline at 25 atmospheres pressure. The fog system is created using a pump, pipes, injectors, manometers, filters, lock controllers and automation.

The essence of the functioning of high and low pressure fogging systems is as follows:

water is pumped into the pump;

the pump creates an increased pressure;

water is pumped through the pipe to the nozzles;

By spraying from the nozzles that allow the smallest water particles to be taken, evaporation causes an artificial reed.