Gothic Polycarbonate Greenhouses

The use of polycarbonate coating in modern greenhouses is very common and long-lasting.

It is used in greenhouses, on the fronts, on the side walls and on the roof of technical areas.In the system, '' h '' aluminum joining profiles are combined with aluminum side-bearing and under-gutter profile. The use of aluminum polycarbonate joining profiles in the system is preferred for both strength and longevity of aluminum. .

  • High impact resistance,
  • Excellent light transmission,
  • High thermal insulation,
  • UV resistant,
  • B2 / Class 1Y / UL 94 HB fire resistance,
  • Excellent outdoor resistance,
  • Easy cutting and processing at the time of assembly,
  • Cold bending Chemical resistance Sound insulation,
  • Extremely light. Resistant to hail,
  • Working temperature -40C, + 120C