The use of polycarbonate coatings in modern greenhouses is very common and long lasting.

It is used in front side and roof side of technical areas. It is made of "h" aluminum joint profiles and aluminum side mattresses and underfill profile joints in the system. The use of aluminum polycarbonate joint profiles in the system is preferred due to both strength and long life of aluminum . Content is being updated ..

  • High impact resistance,
  • Excellent light transmittance,
  • High thermal insulation,
  • Resistant to UV rays,
  • B2 / Class 1Y / UL 94 HB fire resistance,
  • Excellent outdoor strength,
  • Easy cutting and machining at the time of assembly,
  • Cold bendability Chemical resistance Sound insulation,
  • Extremely light Durable against dirt,
  • Working temperature -40C, + 120C