Gothic Plastic Greenhouses

Gothic plastic greenhouses are the most economical engineering solutions of advanced technology and high quality.

It is made of galvanized steel and aluminum, approximately 275 gr / m²-300 gr / m² in terms of resistance to all construction, accessories, corrosion and weather deformation with its high strength volume.

  • It has a high volume suitable for all kinds of production purposes. The entire construction is made of galvanized steel and aluminum.
  • Clip beds are formed into all profiles. In the system, there are drainage channels for perspiration water and mini condensation chute, rubber insulation and anti-insect net clip beds in the windows.
  • Plastic holder PVC clips lock better against the wind and do not tear with their double-snap and claw form.
  • Construction models are suitable for double-layer blown plastic application.
  • The beds where all Teknoser PVC clips are placed are specially designed aluminum and self-bearing galvanized profiles.