Gothic Plastic Greenhouses is the most economical engineering analyzer of advanced technology and high quality.

It is manufactured from galvanized coated steel and aluminum in the range of approximately 275 gr / m²-300 gr / m² in terms of high durability volume and resistance to all construction, accessories, corrosion and air deformation.

It has a high volume suitable for all kinds of production purposes. The entire construction is made of galvanized steel and aluminum.

The clips bearings are all profiled. In the system there are discharge channels for sweating water and mini-chilling, rubber insulation in the windows and anti-insect tülle clips.
Plastic retainer PVC clips are double snap-fit and have better grip against the wind in the form of claws and do not tear.

The construction models are suitable for double layer inflated plastic application.
The beds where all Teknoser PVC clips are placed are specially designed aluminum and self-borne galvanized profiles.