TEKNOSER has become the most preferred company of our country with its powerful and integrated machine park, large scale factory.

TEKNOSER SERACILIK A.Ş has reached to the highest market share and position as the most preferred modern greenhouse producer by our country with its wide product range with advanced technology and solutions offered to the greenhouse sector.

TEKNOSER SERACILIK A.Ş. standard and serial production rollform profile lines, aluminum extrusion lines, automatic controlled CNC rich manufacturing machine park over logistics power and raw material, and it has become the only manufacturing country of our country and has the world's few manufacturing infrastructure.

Rapidly completing the process of institutionalization and structuring, we have established a fast and timely service and service principle in the greenhouse sector.

We will continue to serve with our new production facility, which is about to be completed, totally enclosed with a total area of 5000 m².